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SKN Beverly Hills

SKN Beverly Hills is a cutting edge skincare company that was started in 1987 by leading Beverly Hills dermatologist, Marvin J. Rapaport MD and his then pre-med daughter, Vicki Rapaport. Vicki, now a full-fledged Beverly Hills dermatologist herself, has taken over the company and has made it undeniably desirable with a never-ending list of essential skin products for the face and body. Many of our items have become staples in the beauty and cleansing routines of LA’s most beautiful people. Models and skin aficionados alike rave about the cleansers, moisturizers, and masks which can only be purchased in the Rapaport’s Beverly Hills Dermatology office or here online.

Our cleansers put us on the map and our top quality scrubs, sunscreens, lotions and potions keep us there. Most popular – Pore Vacuum Wash, Pure Oxygen Crystal Cleanser, Beach House luxury scrub. Serious skincare can be fun! www.loveyourskn.com or come into any location to ask questions and try the luscious testers. Don’t forget to take home our fabulous & skin friendly free samples. Visit LoveYourSKN.com


It was 1957 when a young pharmacist named Yoshikiyo Nowatari first introduced his now famous moisturizing cream to Japan. His creation was invented at the request of a woman long-suffering from dry, cracked skin. She was tired of using petroleum-based skin care products that she found to be greasy, messy and ineffective. Through a specially developed manufacturing process he created a highly concentrated glycerin-based, vitamin-enriched moisturizing cream that could replenish lost moisture without any greasy mess. Yu-Be has gone on to become one of the longest and best-selling skin care products in Japan today.

For years, Yu-Be was an often-asked-for special gift from travelers visiting Japan. One Japanese-American businessman was constantly bringing back Yu-Be to his wife, Elena. Elena discovered Yu-Be at age 14 when living at her boarding school in Japan. There, the dormitory headmistress lectured on the virtues of moisturizing and caring for their skin with Yu-Be. At school, the students ordered their basic supplies on a simple order form that included snacks, shampoo, soap and their favorite moisturizer.The students grew up trusting and relying on this exceptional moisturizer for all their skincare needs.As Elena’s and her husband Jim’s family began to grow, so did their need for Yu-Be. Jim, an entrepreneur and businessman, saw an opportunity and decided to bring his wife’s beloved product to the United States. From here, word spread to Europe, Australia and beyond. The response has proven Elena’s instinct that women and families all over the world would embrace the Japanese whole body, whole family approach to skincare. More on Yu•Be


Coffeeberry based skincare for ultimate antioxidant power. Coffeeberry will make your skin look less leathered and so smooth, you can even skip the makeup. Buy all three luxurious items and get the hard-to-get green, earth friendly terry-cloth bag. (Our favorite is the Revale Day Cream which combines the powerful antioxidant, coffeeberry, with a sunscreen and a daily does of moisture. It’s a three-in-one wonder.)

Daily use of REVALÉSKIN® evens skin tone appearance and smoothes the texture of the skin. REVALÉSKIN® protective day cream revitalizes the skin all day long. REVALÉSKIN® soothing night cream rejuvenates your skin while you sleep. As we age, the concentration of natural antioxidants in our body declines and free radical concentration increases. As the skin’s cellular repair mechanisms begin to fail, our natural defenses are overwhelmed. More on REVALÉSKIN®

Colorescience Powder Sunscreen

The latest in sunscreen technology. A powder that is non-sticky, non-greasy, completely invisible and lightweight. Men and kids love this stuff. Women can’t get enough of it. Always a sellout: Perfectly Clear SPF 30 – powder-water resistant and truly innovative. Achieve the ultimate protection from sun damage and its aging effects with a soft focus finish. Colorescience Sunforgettable mineral sunscreens SPF 30, 35, 50 are easy to apply and re-apply throughout the day to keep skin protected and beautiful. More on Colorscience

Prevage® MD

The very first “cream with a waiting list”, this is a proven favorite antioxidant moisturizer that makes your skin glow. With it’s anti-aging, idebenone, and it’s light reflecting particles, you will look like a move star.

  • Helps correct the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps protect skin from environmental stressors known to cause skin aging
  • Improves the overall appearance of skin
  • Contains idebenone, the most powerful topical antioxidant available with an EPF® rating of 95 out of 100
  • Is only available from your doctor

More on Prevage® MD

Sculptra® Aesthetic

Sculptra® Aesthetic. Not an overnight miracle. Long lasting. Not a quick-fix. The first facial injectable that gives you subtle results over time. Replacing lost collagen. Giving you a more natural-looking appearance, without giving you away. A full treatment of Sculptra® Aesthetic, an average of three injection sessions over a few months, can last more than two years.* So you have more time to see how sensational subtle can be. Discover anti-age for the modern age.

Sculptra® Aesthetic is a new type of facial injectable made from poly-L-lactic acid, which helps to replace lost collagen. It helps correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles, and folds,** that appear with aging by replacing lost collagen. The main ingredient is a biocompatible, biodegradable synthetic material that has been used by physicians for decades.

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