Quality Dermatology Services That Deliver Results

Through medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, we offer a comprehensive approach to skin care treatments for adults and children. Using advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services with state-of-the-art technology, we provide customized care and treatment to best treat you and your family. Our team of Board-Certified Dermatologists will see patients with any condition of the skin, hair and nails including, but not limited to, the most common conditions below. To specifically address skin issues of children, we also offer specialized care in Pediatric Dermatology.

To help in determining the best approach to treatment and management of your condition, we are dedicated to providing a comfortable and confidential environment for you to discuss your health concerns and goals. Looking and feeling your best is important to us.

Annual Mole Checks

Preventative body checks/skin cancer screenings for moles is recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology at least once per year. Make sure to schedule yours today!
Our very serious and complete “mole patrol” exam is designed to help keep you healthy.


Specialized Acne Treatments

Acne can range from blackheads & whiteheads to red bumps and deep cystic lesions. Teenagers, young adults and even middle aged men and women can all suffer from acne.
Topical and sometimes oral medication can help stop your breakouts on the face, chest and back.


Fast Skin Tag Removal

Also called, skin “flags”, “flaps”, and “tissue tags” these annoying lesions can be quickly and easily removed by our expert techniques. No more embarrassing, extra lesions on your neck, underarms and inner thighs.
Schedule an appointment today and see just how quickly we can remove any unsightly skin tags.


Effective Eczema Treatments

Atopic dermatitis is a common problem involving dry, itchy, sensitive skin. Dermatology offers many treatment options for eczema that can provide relief from this chronic skin issue.
Get expert, most up-to-the-minute treatment advise on this frustrating skin problem.


Treating Viral Warts

Viral warts can range in size and location on the body. They should be treated since they are contagious. There are numerous ways to treat warts, no matter where they occur.
Dermatologists are the number one physicians to treat all kinds of warts, anywhere on the skin.


Facial Veins/Rosacea Treatments

Broken capillaries and red spots can be treated swiftly & effectively with 1-3 sessions depending on your skin. You will be amazed as those tiny vessels constrict and fade away within a week.
Call the office today to schedule an exam to evaluate your skin.


Laser Acne Treatments

Acne can disappear with just a few sessions of this FDA approved miracle cure for all types of acne. The technology works by killing bacteria that cause acne and by slowing down the oil glands that clog pores.
Help clear up current breakouts and prevent future ones without messy acne creams or oral medications.


Botox® Treatments

Relax the muscles that cause wrinkles, smooth out an aging face and get your glow back. This safe and effective treatment will erase your wrinkles in an amazingly fast and painless way.
Schedule an appointment for your Botox® treatment at out SKN Bar today!



These FDA approved hyaluronic fillers immediately plump the skin while softening and erasing all kinds of wrinkles and folds. Lasts 6 months or longer depending on which filler is right for you.
For plumper lips, acne scars & facial lines. Perfect for those who must be instantly gratified.


Rapaport Dermatology’s Other Skin Care Treatments

Rapaport Dermatology of Beverly Hills has many other services that aide in the natural restoration of beautiful skin. Ask us today about any of our dermatology services and how they can add to your skins health and beauty.


A chemical peel is a body treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin using a chemical solution that causes the dead skin to slough off and eventually peel off. Glycolic, salicylic, pumpkin, TCA – whatever your skin ailment, there is a peel to help. Light dustings of skin friendly chemicals are applied to the epidermis to remove the aged, broken-out or discolored outer layers of the skin.


Still a favorite of the real skin beauties, microderm wipes the slate clean by melting away dead skin build up and clearing up pigment, large pores and fine lines. If your skin is unclear, old and tired, rev it up with a microderm. Can be added before or after a facial for a skin boost or as a stand alone treatment!

Facial + Microdermabrasion + Peel

This SUPER STRENGTH DARE-YOU-TO-DO-IT treatment is only for the hard-core skin enthusiasts. We combine our most popular all around skin clearing facial with 1 pass of microderm and 1-2 passes of any peel you pick. Not for the faint of heart…or skin. A superpower skin session!