Professional Cosmetic Services

Professional Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the treatment of skin and skin conditions with the goal of improving the patient’s appearance and beauty. Gone are the days of overpriced dermatologic cosmetic services. We give you the latest innovation and technology from our expert procedures at the most reasonable prices.

Laser Hair Removal

We use the fastest, most powerful laser in the world for permanent hair removal. The technology has arrived and it is safe and effective for men, women and teenagers. The most commonly treated areas include face, underarms, belly, bikini and legs for women. Men like to treat the back, shoulders and chest hair. Goodbye razor! it really can be affordable. hint – we are so confident in our results and our expert laser practices that we will get you treatments at unbelievable packages and prices, just ask nicely!hair-removal-before-after

Brown Spot Removal

This miraculous, anti-brown spot treatment will clear your skin of unwanted sun spots, age spots & freckles. Just one quick treatment on the face, chest, hands or arms will show you how beautiful & brown-spot-free your skin can be. This is a must for eliminating summer sun damage.

Facial Veins/Rosacea treatments

Broken capillaries and red spots can be treated swiftly & effectively with 1-3 sessions depending on your skin. You will be amazed as those tiny vessels constrict and fade away within a week. For nose, cheeks or wherever you like on the face.

Laser Acne Treatments

Acne can disappear with just a few sessions of this FDA approved miracle cure for all types of acne. The technology works by killing bacteria that cause acne AND by slowing down the hyperactive oil glands that clog pores. Help clear up current breakouts and prevent future ones WITHOUT messy, irritating acne creams or oral medications. A must for medicine-phobes.

Botox® Treatments

botox-exampleRelax the muscles that cause wrinkles, smooth out an aging face and get your glow back. This safe and effective treatment will erase your wrinkles in an amazingly fast and painless way. this may just be the fountain of youth. Hint – no aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol or other blood thinners (if okay with your doctor) up to three days before treatments to minimize bruising.

Come in and visit our SKNBar. We are experts at giving Botox™, so that’s all we do. We know what you want because we want it too. A Botox™ only medical destination for the skincare savvy. Whether you have been doing Botox™ “forever” or are finally ready for your first time, we cater to your needs.  Our skilled MD’s, PA’s and RN’s have been trained to

the highest standards to deliver the best Botox™ ever.


These FDA approved hyaluronic fillers immediately plump the skin while softening and erasing all kinds of wrinkles and folds. Lasts 6 months or longer depending on which filler is right for you. It’s better than putty filling in a crack. Goodbye lines of all kinds! For plumper lips, acne scars & facial lines. Perfect for those who must be instantly gratified.


Cortisone Shots for Acne Cysts

No more waiting for an appointment, these quick and easy shots can make a large acne lesion disappear overnight. Great for uninvited pre-date or pre-event zits.

TCA Peels

Trichloracetic Acid Peels are a remarkable way to smooth out your skin’s color, tone and bring back overall youthfulness. TCA is excellent for old discolored acne lesions, uneven pigment or for a simple skin pick-me-up. TCA comes in 20%, 30% or 50% for various types of skin issues. Bring your glow back. This is serious stuff. Your friends will notice your new, improved, perfectly primed skin.


Let us fade away those uninvited leg veins with a safe and effective solution that shrinks the vessels right before your eyes. A must for any well-groomed gal who wants her teenage legs back.

Pre-Aging Consultation

A newly coined term to help YOUth. We at Rapaport Dermatology pride ourselves at finding the perfect combination of lotions, potions and perhaps procedures to protect YOU from aging. A must for anyone searching for that famous fountain (of youth).