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Skin Care Products from SKN beverly hills, a cutting edge skin care company that was started in 1987 by leading Beverly Hills dermatologist, Marvin J. Rapaport MD and his then pre-med daughter, Vicki Rapaport. Vicki, now a full-fledged Beverly Hills dermatologist herself, has taken over the company and has made it undeniably desirable with a never-ending list of essential skin products for the face and body. Many of our items have become staples in the beauty and cleansing routines of LA’s most beautiful people. Models and celebrities alike rave about the cleansers, moisturizers, and masks, which are available exclusively at

Our cleansers put us on the map and our top quality scrubs, chemcal-free sunscreens, lotions and potions keep us there. Most popular – Pore Vacuum Wash, Pure Oxygen Crystal Cleanser, Beach House luxury scrub.

Visit our online store at or ask one of our team members for a luscious free sample bottle while visiting the Rapaport Dermatology office.

We are proud to carry the following premium skin care lines on


SKN beverly hills – skin care sample pack

We carry an amazing variety of dermatologist developed skin care products that our celebrity clients swear by! Check out our travel sized cosmetics bag packed with 10 popular travel friendly sized skin care bottles including:

Angel Scrub (You won’t believe how nice this one is!)
Beach House face and body scrub
Pure Oxygen Cleanser
Pore Vacuum Wash
Adult Pore Vacuum Wash
Sal Acid Pore Clearing Wash
Best Oil Free Moisturizer
Daily Defense SPF Moisturizer
Love Really Is An Ingredient Body Wash
Mermaid Eucalyptus & Mint Body Wash.

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